Thursday, June 14, 2012

My response to the Mayor's Comments.

Perry, I cannot print some comments.When the line between politics and business gets blurred as it has over the restaurant sign and the surf shop issue it becomes very touchy to moderate.When you post twitter feed from your position as Mayor on your resort's website the line becomes even more blurred and you can expect criticism on both positions.There was such an overwhelming response to this issue that my email system crashed.....many people called me complaining that their comments weren't published.The blog has a new registration system in place that should solve this problem.

  As for my not running in the last election....very true.......I ran in 1996 and suffered a humiliating defeat at the hands of Scott Fraser.When you stepped up to the plate to oppose Tlitzky I saw no need to run and threw my support behind you. There were other people prepared to run for Mayor had you chosen not to do so.

As for your criticism of the was in existence long before you ran for Mayor and I recall that you and many other candidates were not averse to posting on it during the campaign period.Now that has somehow changed.

If you want me to run a story about the Council's accomplishments feel free to submit it.....I'll be happy to publish it....I think it's hard for the public to recognize what Council is working on behind the scenes when they have to look at the rotting firehall every day.People don't understand why there's time and money for the Multiple Use Path , Arts Grants and consultants but not so much as a can of paint for the firehall or some pavement for our crumbling's not just optics.I think it is great that you are going to Victoria to address provincial and federal issues facing Tofino but please don't lose sight of municipal issues.

   ps. It's not just a sign. When many businesses and individuals in Tofino have suffered greatly at the hands of District of Tofino councilors and officials over signage and bylaw issues it has become a lightning rod for discontent. You mentioned that you are just a guy doing the best for your employer ; please remember that the District of Tofino is your employer as well.....
          Thank You, Ralph Tieleman


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