Thursday, January 5, 2012

Water Questions

My phone has been ringing off the hook with readers wanting answers as to why we have a boil water order.
1. In a Westerly News article our CAO states that the problem is with our Bay St. pump station which feeds from Sharp Creek,Close Creek etc.Why is the Bay St. station incapable of processing water during heavy rain ?
2.We have a state of the art 2 million dollar water treatment plant at Sharp Rd. was it in use ?
3.Can the downtown access water from the new 2 million dollar Sharp Rd. treatment plant ?
4.Is there a regular schedule for inspection of the water sources on Meares Island ? There was a slide that affected the Close Creek system a few years ago ; have the other sites been checked for soil stability and debris ?
5.The heavy rainfall was forecast well in advance.With winter water consumption very low,why can't we use water from storage tanks for a few days until the turbidity levels drop ? We have a million gallon tank at the stump dump as well as tanks at Rosie Bay,DL 117 and Barr's Mt .
6.Do we have a heavy rain protocol for our water system ?
7. Is council going to adopt a "portfolio" system where one councilor will be responsible for the water system ?
If you have answers to any of the above questions or have questions of your own please comment.

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