Friday, January 27, 2012

Water Ideas

Some people accuse the blog of just whining but I actually did some research today into water systems...check out this website from sensaphone...
This would be an easy solution to notify District staff by telephone when there is a problem with turbidity or anything else with the system.
The other thing I looked into was a way to get water from the Sharp Rd. water treatment plant to downtown....this could be done with an inter-zonal valve and a pump to raise the pressure from the system south of industrial way so it could be used in the higher pressure system in town...this would be a bit of a band-aid solution but until we get both systems operating at the same pressure it would help...
Please write in if you have any helpful,constructive ideas to help our Tofino Council with our ailing water system.Please no crackpot comments as this is a serious issue and it is important that we work together to find solutions.
ps. It might be worth looking at running an underwater water line from Bay st. to the plant at Sharp Road instead of building a new water treatment plant at Bay st. A few miles of pipe would probably be cheaper than engineering and building a new plant.In the past there has been no issues with turbidity at Bay st but now it is a problem.The Sharp Rd. plant was designed to deal with this issue.

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