Saturday, January 7, 2012

Jerry Berry retuns to Tofino for consulting !

Sources have told TofinoNews that Jerry Berry will once again be doing consulting work for the District of Tofino ! Blog readers will recall that Jerry Berry had a close working relationship with former CAO Bob Long and had been hired previously been hired by the District of Tofino to create the controversial re-organization report.This report led to some District of Tofino employees being promoted to top management positions.This is the most promising council we have had in many years and it is a shame that staff is steering them towards keeping Tofino as a "Consultant's Paradise".
I have complete confidence in Tofino Council to act without input from consultants especially ones tied so closely to the Fraser/Long regime.Please let Tofino Council know that they have your support and offer input so that they can proceed without high-priced consultants ! Let's move forward without going back to the "Us and Them" attitude of the previous council !

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