Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tofino Rate Payers/Residents Association -Water Situation

Anyone interested in forming a rate payers / residents group ? It is too easy for Tofino Council to regard your opinions on the blog as anonymous ramblings. Since the election the Council has changed but we have the same management calling the tune.There is strength in numbers.
We find ourselves in a situation where we have an unreliable water system when the tourism industry is fragile at best.The Aquaculture industry relies on clean water to process its products.Tofino families need to know that they have safe water.As of this writing the latest water quality update on the District of Tofino website was from 9:30 am on Jan.23,2012. 2 days ago.Tofino deserves better. There are six water quality notices on the District website.
It has been over 20 days since the first boil water order and we still cannot get water from the 2 million dollar Sharp Rd. water treatment plant to users North of Industrial Way.This is not rocket science.Tofino deserves better.
Anyone interested in making positive changes by forming a ratepayers/citizen based advocacy group can call me or write in to get started.I'm in the phone book.We have to be able to work with the new Mayor and Council. We have to encourage Council to make management changes.Some people have suggested that the cost of severance would be prohibitive but it should be obvious to all that we cannot continue as is.
Development here has been stalled for years.Our tax base has to expand if we are going to be able to afford necessary infrastructure upgrades.
What does it cost the District of Tofino when developers won't even consider projects here and even families think twice about building here ?? Anonymous comments won't change anything.Council needs to know we want change and it starts with you.Let's make the blog obsolete and start dealing directly with our Mayor and Council.

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