Saturday, January 21, 2012

Water Quality Advisory


The Corporation of the District of Tofino




For Immediate Release


Water Quality Advisory

For Areas North of Industrial Way (Village Core)

The heavy rains of January 3, 2012 created disturbances (slides) to the upper reaches of the watersheds that supply the High Pressure Water System (North of Industrial Way) for Tofino. These are Sharp and Close Creeks.

During heavy rains we are experiencing increased turbidity that is unusual for our water supply. As a result of the rain on January 20, 2012, we experienced another spike in turbidity. While the turbidity has not passed the threshold of 5NTU, as set by VIHA as the upper limit for turbidity in potable water, the increase in turbidity has resulted in the need for a Water Quality Advisory for areas north of Industrial Way. Staff is monitoring turbidity levels and will update as needed.

This will be effect until further notice.

For further information please contact the District office at 250-725-3229 or Public Works at 250-725-4212.



The District of Tofino

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