Saturday, July 30, 2011

Who's on First ? What ? July 30,2011

While reading the District of Tofino Financial Statement I ran across an interesting correction on page 12 regarding ownership of the First St Wharf:"During the year, the District noted an error in tangible capital assets.An amount for wharf infrastructure should not have been recorded as the asset is not owned by the District " This caught me by surprise as I had always thought that the District took it over from the federal government.....I know that for years the District has maintained it and Tofino bylaw has patrolled it but it was never owned by the District !! Subsequent investigation by TofinoNews staff has revealed that the District owns the two ramps that lead from the main wharf and the two floats on either side of the wharf but they don't own the wharf itself and never have.....being that the wharf is valued at $1,754,874.00 one would think that someone from the District staff or council would have noticed this discrepancy before now....good of current staff to notice this long overlooked error !! Tofinonews will have an update once we find out who actually owns the wharf !!

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