Saturday, July 2, 2011

Water Restriction Sign !! July 2,2011

From the Westerly News:

"Council has agreed to grant the Raincoast Education Society $1,000 "to support printing and shipping costs for signage to create awareness about water conservation restrictions for residents and visitors to the Tofino region," as stated in a letter to council.

The sign will be placed at the visitor information center across from Cox Bay.

RES staff will be responsible for changing the sign, or moving the arrow, when water restrictions occur.

Council will use funds out of leftover council grants for the signage."

So now when people arrive in town there will be a sign reminding them of the 2006 water fiasco ! How about a sign that says "We have spent millions and millions upgrading our water system so feel free to use the hot tub or dishwasher or whatever you like !! " The "War On Tourism" continues....

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