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Press Release from Raincoast Education Society

Press Release – from the Raincoast Education Society
June 30th, 2011
Tofino, BC
The Raincoast Education Society (RES) is pleased to announce the 2011-2012 Tofino Water Stewardship Program. Over the next 20 months, the RES will be working with businesses, visitors and local residents to foster a water conservation ethic in Tofino. Through a comprehensive education, outreach and communication program, the RES will work to achieve the following goals:
(i) Increase water literacy (knowledge amongst water users of Tofino - residents, businesses, and visitors - about where our water comes from and how we use it).
(ii) Promote water-use efficiency and conservation practices to improve long-term water security.
(iii) Reduce overall Tofino water consumption.
Tofino receives over three meters of rain a year; however, very little of this water is collected for municipal use. In fact, the majority of our water comes from Sharp Creek on Meares Island, which, during our droughty summer months when water demand is highest, can experience extreme water shortages. For example, prolonged summer drought in the summer of 2006 led to Tofino water shortages that forced a temporary closure of almost all business. Indeed, we need to re-think our relationship with water and build an ethic to reflect a more sustainable and efficient use of this precious resource. The Raincoast Education Society’s Tofino Water Stewardship Program is here to make that happen!
Throughout the summer, we will be delivering public water conservation programs and outreach (come visit us on Canada Day at the village green) and we will be updating our website ( with daily Tofino water use data so you can stay up to date on our summer water consumption. We also have a link on our website to an on-line survey where you can help us gauge local water awareness and stewardship practices.
In addition, we are offering FREE water conservation audits for residents interested in participating in a water monitoring program to track water use from 2011 to 2012. Someone from our team will come to your home to provide water conservation tips to help you reduce overall water consumption and save you money! If you are interested in participating in our water conservation monitoring program, please contact Kimberly Johnston: or call: 250-725-2560.
If you have any questions about our water stewardship program or if you want to share your water conservation tips, please send us an email (, give us a call (250-725-2560) or visit our facebook page: TofinoH20 ( We look forward to hearing from you!
The Raincoast Education Society

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