Saturday, July 2, 2011

Sobo Safe Stolen !!!!

Ralph If you could post this somewhere that would be great. On Canada day night a couple people distracted our dishwasher at the back door at which time one individual went downstairs, into our office and stole a safe containing most of our staff tips, and paychecks. They knew where the safe was as nothing else was touched, laptop etc were left behind. The safe is a small fireproof, of about 40 pounds, full of colored fabric pencil cases with names of our staff on them. These are parents and rent payers, hardworking folk of our community, one new mum that is building a house had just over a thousand dollars taken alone. Every member of our team was violated on this one and it sure leaves a bad taste in our mouths as we have our annual staff party tonight. Any information concerning this matter would be greatly appreciated. thanks for the opportunity to disperse information about the goings on in our town Ralph.

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