Thursday, January 3, 2013

Is By-election Unavoidable ??

Many blog readers have asked if the by-election can be avoided.Here's what the Local Government Act states:


Anne Dru Strugglers said...

Of course it is avoidable. As a cost-saving measure it should and most likely will go through. Why would the minister go against the wishes of the 2 candidates.

The wishes of some of the electorate, is most definitely, I want a choice. More people should have stepped up for the candidacy however. There are qualified members of this constituency. And whether I liked the 2 candidates running or not, it did not matter as much as having a choice. I started asking peoples opinions, assessing the candidates mandate, etc. I got a better understanding of what I wanted my mayor to do. The hypothetical one because in the end, I was not a fan of either. But a vote would make the end result slightly more acceptable as many would vote, I would hope. Til mext time. see you in three years. Apathy be damned.

Or start this citizens committee already! We as constituents need to influence policy more. More transparency coupled with cheap, internet based referendums on larger issues may be a safety valve for the vitriol towards our town government. Having said that, the transparency is needed to be able to make the referendums possible. We need informed citizens to make the referendums successful as a tool. The lack of knowledge by us on why some of the larger decisions are being made, frustrates the hell out of us. I can speculate, but I may be completely unjustified with my conclusions. My anger may be misguiuded. But for now, I am still pissed for so many reasons. But mainly it seems that the governement is concentrating their time and money in the wrong places. This town has so many variables that make it a very rich municipality relatively speaking. They need to be better utilized. We need some forward thinkers at the DOT.

Anne Dru Strugglers said...

An article on internet politics taht touches on many issues debated on this blog. Anonymity, transparency, citizens' involvment in politics, etc.

Anonymous said...

Smith has withdrawn . There is only one candidate.