Thursday, August 30, 2012

Westerly Story on Bidding Process and MUP

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Ralph Tieleman said...

Comment from George S:
Why is the DOT even bothering with the tiresome, time wasting process of bidding on projects. The entire premise of bidding is to save money. Our municipal councilors must live in the lap of luxury where they don't need shop around at all. Buy what they need when they want it, and price is no option. Sure wish I could afford to live like that. How do I sign the petition? Again, shame on on you for wasting my hard earned tax dollars

Duncan said...

I raised my objections and concerns at the recent Council meeting and am not prepared to debate the issue further in this format.
However I would like to correct a couple of points raised in the Westerly story.
Firstly, the highest bid should be $421,356.31 as they had not included HST in their proposal. The numbers for the other bidders are correct as they include HST.
Secondly, the highest bidder was not the only bidder to offer the use of geotextile fabric.

Duncan McMaster

Ralph Tieleman said...

Submitted by email. The District was sued for favoring a local tender. DISTRICT OF TOFINO
Small Claims Robson Square Provincial Court 200061584 02Jun2000 12Feb2002 View File Details

george s said...

Where and how can one sign this petition. I am prepared to have copies available for my customers to sign. This is beyond believable....

If anyone knows where/how please post info on the blog or let ralph know asap.

Ralph Tieleman said...

I've been unable to locate the petition.Apparently it was an online petition but it may have been deleted.

teenagepoet said...

Am I the only one thinking there was a reason the lowest bid was so VASTLY lower than others, that it makes me curious? Especially if it included HST? Sometimes when there's that much different, it will raise some valid (or invalid) questions/concerns.