Friday, August 17, 2012

Water System Questions

Many long time locals have contacted TofinoNews to see if there has been anything announced regarding the water situation.We have had a relatively dry summer and yet the District of Tofino has not said anything about the water situation.At least Bob Long and John Fraser made public the daily water consumption amounts but we've heard nothing from this administration. If there is an abundance of water they should let the public know.
  Why not publish the daily water consumption numbers on the District website ? It has been done in previous years and it lets people know if they should conserve or prepare for water restrictions.
  The above forecast shows only 1 mm of precipitation in the outlook period.Perhaps there is enough ground water  on Meares Island to keep us going for the foreseeable future.This is the first real dry period we have seen with the Ahkmaksis Reservoir and Sharp Rd. water treatment plant being used so it should be monitored closely.During last year's election all of the candidates spoke about transparency so let's have some actual daily numbers provided by the District so that the citizens of Tofino and guests know what is happening.

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Ralph Tieleman said...

email comment: what is going on with the sewer system ? has the Motherwell plan been accepted by the province ? What's going on with the sewer line from the reserve?I don't see anything on the agenda ?