Saturday, December 15, 2012

Petition to Bring Back Sally

Let council know your feelings on this issue . Mere blog posts they can ignore


Anonymous said...

Did anyone ask Sally if she would even be interested in working for "those people" again?
She'll probably make enough from her wrongful dismissal settlement that she won't need to work for a couple years.

Anonymous said...

Let council do the job they were elected to do. The public can't and should not try to get involved in personnel issues.

Anonymous said...

When "personnel issues" get personal with the people of our normaly fair town people will get personal on their views. Council was never elected to do the job they currently are doing! Their latest actions would never have been sanctioned by the voters! There was never a platform presented by them at the all candidates meeting to attack the one "feel good" department that we had!!!!!!!!!!! They seriously need to reconsider or they will never be trusted again! The changes they have proposed are suicidal to their term!

Anonymous said...

Holy crap! Force mayor and council to reconsider!

Anonymous said...

Wow. Somone is still chanting that mantra "let council do the job they were elected to"

That was what we heard about

1. bob long
2. rob bremmner
3. Yew Wood
4. Rosie Bay

Just keep on keeping on.

Anonymous said...

Who are these posters that feel people should not voice there opinions or take action if moved to? I really don't get their position. Are they bothered by others action or their own in-action?

Anonymous said...

until theres a new CAO & mayor:
rescind the motion to adopt the corporate re-structuring policy.
re-instate sally.
in the meantime theres a lot of questions the public needs answers for concerning RMI money, future infrastructure, corporate org? vs community org? parks and rec budget?
whats resort services mean?
those impertinent kinds of things.

Anonymous said...

the analogy of being on a bus or a boat with people driving the boat driving it because they said they knew how to be fair open and honest.
many of the passengers who own the bus/boat are noticing the drivers dont look at the depth sounder or the charts. they are too busy playing cards to notice there are rocks in the water all around and were heading dead into a big rock in rosie rosie bay at full speed. passengers are starting to yell look out! hey what are you doing?
the drivers tell us to mind our own business, theyre job is to drive the boat. nobody tells them what to do.
psst. theres a mutiny on board.

Anonymous said...

personnel issues are one thing.
corporate restructuring is another.

Anonymous said...

not many like being told what to believe.

Anonymous said...

The entire re-org of services was a complete surprise. Councillors didn't campaign on that issue and they didn't consult with the public before making their decision. That's what this is about. Council will try and make us believe it is about personnel issues, it isn't.

Anonymous said...

Sat down this morning with my coffee and went on line to check out the news and the blog and first thing I see on my homepage (sorry Ralph it's not Tofino News) is an article "Mayors in trouble across Canada: Falling like dominoes". Move your mouse over the map on Vanvouver Island and what does it say- Perry Schmunk, Tofino. Trouble: Professional negligence. Sums it up quite well I'd say!

Ralph Tieleman said...

Thank you for your submission .Some people would have you believe that this blog is the only bearer of criticism !

Anonymous said...

council will also fall like dominoes.

Anonymous said...

was at a contractors conference related to municipal governance recently where a lawyer told us that recent aboutface supreme court decisions, in fact, did away with courts as a remedy for disputes between the local governance and the people who elected them.
the courts rulings are in essence:
you voted them in. they are your choice of people to govern. too bad. so sad. your dad.
(immense savings of court time)

end of civilian oversight, beginning of tyrannical behaviours in various places.
not everywhere mind you, but were not the only small town feeling that its up to the people who live here to do something about what is perceived as head-in-the-sand governance, malfeasance, unreasonable acts, etc.

instant access to info & other people via computers is making the historical concept of gov. control of information & news rather impossible to control now.

whats the solution? on-line voting? interactive governance? outsource governance to the dalai lama? outsource to EPCOR? crowd source new and different ideas for governance?
there has to be a better nicer way of doing things.

Anonymous said...

Let Council do their job.

YES! Let's see them do something...

Firing people is NOT the job of Council.

It is the job of the CAO IF, and only IF they haven't been doing their job. Was that the rationale? nope.

So, then Council can approve restructuring, which it appears they have, but restructuring doesn't require the dismissal of a key staff person. Jobs haven't been eliminated as much as apparently just changed somewhat.

Sally is a valued staff member of a relatively understaffed District team.

With 20 years under her belt, and a CAO heading out the door, in any other town, they'd have started grooming her to take the helm.

Someone's gotta ask; if it wasn't for lack of performance, and it isn't a cost savings, and jobs are needed to be filled, then why'd they end up showing her the door?

This doesn't add up Council. So, yes, please, do your job. One of you please have the sack to explain your decision to us. Since this is NOT a personnel decision, it CAN be discussed publicly. Stop hiding behind red herrings and own up to what you've allowed to happen on your watch!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I think all the public outcry has worked! Sally's name is on the District of Tofino's website as head of Parks & Rec!

It CAN'T be that they forgot they removed her could it? So, it must be that she's reinstated!


Anonymous said...

was it ever taken off

Anonymous said...

Well, that's exactly my point. They don't even have enough staff to carry out the work that needs doing- like updating the website to communicate vital information to the electorate - yet they dismiss one of their key staff?

Anonymous said...

I'm left wondering what all the uproar over Sally's ousting was...and 48 hours later, there are till only seven signatures on the petition to have her position restored.

Put down the bong and sign the petition why don't you.

Anonymous said...

Put down the bong and sign the petition? How about putting down your computer and stop cramming your agenda down our throats. Maybe people aren't signing because they don't think Sally should get her job back.

Anonymous said...

So this thing about Sally is a good example of what you're volunteering for George.......
Everyone is yelling and screaming and indignant and pointing fingers and saying this should be done and that should be done.....and everyone has a vision of their view of the situation and lots of good facts to support their outlook......
But when someone actually takes a reasonable step toward changing things (the petition), suddenly all the yellers and screamers and finger pointers disappear into the mist, except for a few that linger about to tell you why your way of fixing things won't work, why you can't do that, and that you're a S.O.B. for trying to push your version of democracy into their faces.....and you're not even elected yet.
Once you get elected, it gets worse. Then you'll actually have a title, exposed in public, and become someone that they can hurl their "verbal rotten fruit" at on a regular basis. They'll attack you, attack your business, name call, insult, criticize, condemn..... but they won't show up to help you fix the mess. No, that's "someone else's job", and if it's fixed then they won't have anything to b*tch about.
You're gonna need a hide like a rhinocerous.
Thanks for having the guts to face 'em.

Anonymous said...

6:05 p.m.

Many, many people have said she should get her job back, and yet when a petition goes up, people clam up.

I was just shedding light on what I noticed, and in no way shape or form was demanding that people, and you too, sign the petition. To each their own. I was referring to the ones that like to talk the talk but not walk the walk, or however it goes.

Looks like I hit a sensitive chord. Do you imbibe, i.e have a bong?

Maybe you should get one. You come across as really angry.

You might wanna reduce those cortisol levels of yours.

Anonymous said...

6:33 p.m.

Good post.

george s said...

6:33 Thanks for the heads up. I am not volunteering for the job because I want any accolades. I am simply not happy with what we have had to endure for so long. Most people agree things have never been so dire.

If I try and improve the town and fail all I can say is I tried to make a difference. Sitting around bitching does not help.

I can run a for profit business and feel that my energy and knowledge can help.

I have posted my ideas which I think are shared by most Tofitians and probably Josie as well. Maybe some of these ideas will become part of her platform too. Maybe even some will become part of our future.

I truthfully don't have the time for this job, but if elected I will give it 100% win lose or draw.