Friday, February 26, 2016

Council Highlights

About Council Highlights
Council highlights provide a brief summary of key decisions made by Council during regularly scheduled meetings. Complete agenda packages and meeting minutes can be found under “Council Meetings & Decisions” on our homepage.
Highlights – February 23, 2016 Council Meetings

·        Dr. Paul Hasselback, Medical Health Officer for Central Vancouver Island, delivered a presentation to Council regarding the impacts that local governments can have to alleviate substance use and abuse issues. The presentation provided a comparison of the Alberni and West Coast regions with Vancouver Island and the rest of B.C. in terms of alcohol consumption, illicit drugs, marijuana and treatment options.
·        Jen Dart, Executive Director for the Tofino Long-Beach Chamber of Commerce, delivered a presentation regarding the Tofino Ambassador Program (TAP) that outlined program objectives, program delivery roles, growth and future funding of the program.
Agenda Items:
·        A request for proposals (RFP) and the release of $10,000 from the Special Projects Reserve were approved to engage a consultant to assist on the issue of seasonal worker housing in the District of Tofino.
·        Council approved an updated Fire Protection Service Agreement between the District of Tofino and the Alberni Clayoquot Regional District for fire protection at the Long Beach Airport. The new agreement enables the Tofino Volunteer Fire Department to be dispatched to the airport for structure and airplane fires but does not include Pacific Rim National Park Reserve or First Nations communities as each location has its own requirements for emergency assistance.
·        The Resort Municipality Initiative Event Support Grants were awarded to the  following applicants:
o   Clayoquot Oyster Festival - $1,560
o   Pacific Rim Whale Festival (2017) - $1,000
o   Carving on the Edge Festival - $3,500
o   Cultural Heritage Festival - $3,000
o   Tofino Paddle Surf Qualifier - $2,500
o   West Coast Farm & Garden Show - $2,100
o   Clayoquot Salmon Festival - $1,340
o   Queen of the Peak - $1,000
o   Tofino Food and Wine Festival - $500
o   Tofino Shorebird Festival (2017) - $1,500
o   Bruhwiler Kids Classic - $1,000
o   Tofino Lantern Festival - $1,000
·        Council passed a motion to thank the RCMP for their attendance at the Special Committee of the Whole meeting help February 3, 2016, and reaffirmed support for the new Tofino Detachment Building.
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The next regular Council meeting is scheduled to be held Tuesday, March 15, 2016.


Anonymous said...

All Botanical Garden Events got their grants again this year from Tofino Council
Congrats TBG, way to (non)profit again from your Community.

Here’s a few Great Tofino Events that got their Grant Application Denied
Rip Curl Pro Tofino - GRANT DENIED
Tofino Salt Water Classic - GRANT DENIED
Tofino SUP Challenge - GRANT DENIED
Tofino Market - GRANT DENIED

Anonymous said...

Another f'ing consultant!!------- · "A request for proposals (RFP) and the release of $10,000 from the Special Projects Reserve were approved to engage a consultant to assist on the issue of seasonal worker housing in the District of Tofino."
More wasted time and money on the "affordable housing" subject!!..... Here's my proposal...... Let the employer (the guy who makes the profits) supply or arrange housing for their employees.

Ralph Tieleman said...

We need a Trump wall around the District of Tofino office to keep the consultants out.

Ukee's Best said...

Lots of places for sale and for rent in Ucluelet . Plenty of free parking as well. Come on down !!

Anonymous said...

Consultant to figure out housing for seasonal workers eh? Housing costs money, and this is a free market society, not a commune. Tofino is on a penninsula, so there is a finite amount of room for expansion. So what can the people do? Here are the possible outcomes:

1. The district can own and operate a low-cost apartment building for seasonal workers. I guess they'd have to leave in September though, otherwise they're not seasonal workers anymore are they? How does that play out long term, hmm?

2. The district tries to get rid of illegal vacation rentals and turn it all into affordable housing. District get sued by property owners. Legal costs skyrocket.

3. District leads the way in providing it's own seasonal workers with housing. The seasonal by-law workers, the seasonal public works workers, and any others. They lead by example!

4. The district tries to support affordable housing some more, in a free market economy. Condos get bought on the cheap, some weak no-resale time limit expires, and the condos get flipped for market value in a popular market. Oops, guess that didn't work.
remember the fred tibbs building? South chesterman complex? All the townhouse developments?

As far as I'm concerned, government has no place in the real estate business past collecting taxes. It's a market problem. If employers can't get workers into town because they have nowhere to live, the employers will figure it out. The only people the district should manage are those living in the woods on public land. Manage it on public land. Build a campground for staff, with a washroom complex. It's low cost for the workers, low cost to maintain off season, and also solves the problem of illegal campers on district property. Throw in an RV park for those car campers and RV's who pull into town with nowhere to go. Hire some full-time security so it doesn't turn into Poole's land, full of drug dealers and thieves. Problem solved at low cost after collecting the fees from the campers. No chance of rising values and free-market influence if managed properly.

When do I pick up my $10,000 cheque?

Anonymous said...

The lights are on but nobody's home for the last few months or so at the DOT four bedroom house in Ocean Park Estates.
for the new improved energy conservation Council turn the damn lights off.
does anyone in the District office know the house is vacant?
hey, I know, sell this house and use the money to build a temporary campground/ RV Park for seasonal workers.
my fee: $10,000
thank you