Thursday, February 25, 2016

Tofino surf events could be subject to municipal fees


Anonymous said...

Duncan McMaster claims that there's stress on the infrastructure and these Surf Events possibly cause property damage.

The reporter asks:
Like what ?
Property Damage in what sense ?

McMaster answers:
Turning around in someones driveway or maybe when the washrooms are to full and things like that.

Anonymous said...

Great idea!! It worked great when some fool decided that we should tax the movie production got those guys out of here right quick! Now, let's drive away the surfer events also. Has this guy considered the fact that these events attract thousands of customers to the local accomodation providers, restaurants, stores and shops (usually during slack season)? Doesn't the district gain enough tax money from from having these service industries open and operating, providing jobs and keeping Tofino viable on a year round basis. But first, there should be a study conducted to determine the manner in which this additional district income is shared up amongst the staff in the district office. Perhaps a 95% for staff / 5% for tax relief formula? Who ever decided that these "public servants" should be paid at a rate about double that of what the people they're supposed to be serving earn? Someone needs to remind both staff and council that they're here to serve the people of Tofino, not the other way around.

Anonymous said...

Bad idea...and town does not own or control the beaches. Spoken from an individual that is not part of the beach culture and does not understand all of the implications of such a move. What exactly would you be charging for ? Rubbish removal.... They already deal with the trash they directly generate. Parking, again attendants paid for by the sponsor. Who benefits, most food providers, retailers, accommodation providers. Who does not benefit DOT, really the greed from that building to pay for its ludicrous expenditures and projects is sickening.
Get a grip...don't hire another consultant figure it out yourself for once...the hand that feeds you.