Monday, June 1, 2015

Tax Increase -The Simple Explanation

From the mail out with tax notices. Click on image to enlarge


Anonymous said...

Maybe Tofino should consider not expanding its government and instead live within its means. The problem with tax increases is simple. They are cumulative and rapidly compound.

Anonymous said...

A government (at any level), in Canada, live within their means?? HA Ha Ha Ha Ha !! That's a good one!! I'll put that on the list along with unicorns, flying pigs, aliens, honest politicians, and......... No, wait...... Aliens might actually exist.

Anonymous said...

These folks in California are caught in the middle of a severe drought...... and keep the average water bill to $30.85 every two months....... Perhaps Tofino council ought to invite their mayor to come here, on a free trip, to consult and explain to council how this can be done.

Anonymous said...

What new staff do we have that leads to the "increase in staffing levels"? Or is it the tourist tax doesn't cover staff costs anymore... So resort staff now comes out of taxation? This should have been thought of when the major restructuring happened 3 years ago.

Anonymous said...




there's a sizeable earthquake that's overdue. the entire pacific rim of fire has been shaking and blowing its top for a while now while the pressure on our plates mount... i hope money's been put aside in a contingency fund to repair the town.

but i doubt it. there doesn't appear to be any foresight or true leadership at all.

Anonymous said...

Translation: We've been doing a good job at the District Office lately. The wage increase and the added benefits sure are a nice reward; it's hard to make a living in this town and most people don't get benefits. It sure would be nice if we had some more help around here though (other than the short-term consultants), and a new District Office would be a thoughtful gesture from the Tax Base as well, considering we're getting extra people. Thanks everybody! We feel really encouraged to continue on this successful path that we're blazing!(Oh, and Electricity went up.)