Monday, June 8, 2015

Community Water Meeting

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Anonymous said...

Hey residents, if you and your neighbors don't all show up at the meeting making it an overflow crowd, well don't be surprised if those who have lobbied lower rates than the residents who live here will lobby even lower rates and the residents by not attending will get even higher discriminatory ones.

Anonymous said...

You're welcome to come and hear about the decisions, that have already been made. Your input and questions will be listened to and politely ignored. All the rates have been decided, this is only about giving the appearance of someone caring about community involvement in the process.

Doug Sloman said...

totally agree with 3:03, and 4:13.Show up in masses and be denied to demand some answers!
thanks for coming.

Anonymous said...

How did the resorts get low water rates?
By lobbying the politicians.
How did the residents get high water rates?
By not lobbying the politicians.

Anonymous said...

Why does the water in Tuff City tastes like how my dog smells ?
im not letting my family drink that crap and will start buying botteled water from the grocery store.