Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Washington State votes to Legalize Marijuana

UPDATE 8:43 p.m.
Washington voters have voted to legalize recreational use of marijuana.
Initiative 502 held a commanding lead in initial vote counts, with overwhelming support in King County, and the measure was passing in other urban Puget Sound counties Pierce, Spokane and other counties.
One ounce of marijuana will be legal as of Dec. 6, and the state will begin a year-long process of creating a closed, tightly regulated and heavily taxed market for recreational marijuana sales at state-licensed retail shops.

The  state measure doesn't affect the federal ban on marijuana, creating a conflict that could potentially be resolved in court.
 Many in BC are worried how this will affect tourism and about the potential loss of BC's largest cash crop.

Initiative 502: Marijuana legalization

Yes 839,120
No 660,455


Anonymous said...

That's all you have to report on the US Election ?? pathetic

Ralph Tieleman said...

It's important to BC.As important as the new bridge is to Ontario.

Stoned in Seattle said...

Is this for real ?

Anonymous said...

Barack Obama to Mitt Romney: I just beat you, and this is crazy, but this election is over, so call me maybe?

Anonymous said...

The War on Tourism continues....another reason to not come to Tofino yet go to the US.