Sunday, November 11, 2012

Tofino App Emergency Notifications


Tofino App is Proud to Announce that we're in the Final Testing stage of this NEW Feature.
It was Developed to Improve Safety & Chance of Survival for Pacific Rim Residents and Visitors in case of an Emergency.

In the Event of an Emergency (TSUNAMI, Missing Person etc.) an Alarm message will be send directly to iPhone's & iPad's that have Tofino App installed.
Message will include a Link to a Page with further Information. (Weather Report, Evacuation Routes, Safe Zones, Phone numbers Etc..)

Emergency Notifications will be send to iPhone's & iPad's in Tofino, Ucluelet, Port Alberni & Neighbouring communities with 3G or Wifi service.
(Feature will be available for our Android App early next year)

An access Key to trigger the Emergency Notifications will be offered FREE of Charge to the District of Tofino, Ucluelet and other Local Emergency Services.
Our New System will be activated on November 1st, and we will continue to improve & add New functions to the System over the next Months.

How do I get this NEW Feature on my iPhone ?
- Download or Update Tofino App version 2.6 FREE on the iTunes App Store.
- You'll be asked "Tofino App would like to send you Push Notifications" ...Click "OK".
- That's it !

Thank You, Menno


Cam said...

And if you don't have an iPhone or iPad, then I guess you are shit out of luck.

Anonymous said...

No you can already sign up for being notified on your various phones, home and mobile service with the District of Tofino's One Call system. When there is an emergency you will be notified automatically. Phone the district office and leave your numbers and they will put them on the calling list.
That way you will be receiving the official information not just hearsay. You don't need an app for that.
Also if you sign up for push notifications on your phone using an app then how are you going to stop receiving junk phone calls? You've signed up for them. Caveat emptor.
Just sign up with the district emergency call out system and get the real information not something 2nd hand..

Anonymous said...

Only for iPhones or iPads? Counts a good portion of people out... including the Mayor. Doesn't he use a BlackBerry still?

I was signed up for the One Call and not a thing came through last time. So sorry, nbut I don't really have that much faith in THIS app either... oh wait, I don't have an iPhone. Guess I'm screwed.

Good old NOAA :)

Anonymous said...

If you didn't get a call when the last notification went out, check with the district once again to see that your numbers were in fact on the system.

I didn't get a call that evening as the regular house phone was UNPLUGGED because of a loose phone jack and the cell phone was turned off. We did get the call the following morning saying the emergency was over.

So once again if you didn't get a call, check with the district that your number has been entered correctly into the system. The One Call system does work and the town doesn't need an App sending out possibly erroneous information tying up your phone line when official information is trying to be sent out.

It is really important that the information source is the District's ESS Director and that includes whatever the local radio is saying otherwise it is all just rumours. The director gets his information from the Provincial ESS Centre.

I assume you've all read or heard that the first tsunami wave may not be the biggest well likewise during an event, the severity may be upgraded in its risk assessment.

Looking at NOAA information on your own is not the same as following official ESS directives. The NOAA information will NOT reveal the local conditions of an emergency as evaluated by our provincial ESS centre.

I've got a weather alert radio which I've set to go off when there is a tsunami alert. It didn't go off because our area was not in the high danger zone.

If you want more information on our ESS talk to Eric Graham or Doug Wright.

The whole exercise was good for the town and I hope everyone has their grab and go bags available.