Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Guest Editorial by Garth Cameron June 29,2011

Ok well I'm inclined to think along the same lines as someone else on this blog. Any more big commercial properties that come on line for nightly rentals will steal away from the little guy trying to make ends meet in order to live here. In my opinion the Shore Dev. should not be allowed nightly rentals. I know tourism is slow this year because of many things including the bad rap this town is getting (we cannot afford this) I feel it is really time to start dealing with the forest fire that is raging behind us, to name a few... how about the water, sewer, DCC’s, or how about the families or the businesses in town that actually employ the people that live here. Put on the back burner those issues that can wait. (Municipal campground, affordable housing just to name a few) I also feel we need the right people in the right positions in order to make the District run like a business and be helpfull not a hindrance to those trying to make a living here. I cannot help but feel that all the people that made this town once liveable are being swallowed up; including my own family. All I hear is more more more... bigger better...yes there is room for balanced growth, but the key word here is balanced. All the new empty rooms that we can build or offer as nightly rentals or new businesses will not offset the publicity of “highest room rates, most expensive dining, highest water/sewer rates in the country, un co-operative staff, DCC’s ” I sat on council in 2000 and when I visited our water source back then I almost fell off the dam, the comments that came out of my mouth were “is this it? Is this all we got?” true that our water sources have increased since then but we as a community are nowhere near out of the woods not by a long shot. I’m throwing my hat into the ring for elections this fall and I’m open to any comments that you may have positive or negative I really want to hear from you.

Garth Cameron

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