Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Guest editorial by Dorothy Baert June 8 2011

Hi folks! All upset about the Mayor having an office? Not me. In fact I have been advocating for that and will also advocate for higher remuneration for the job too. Why is that? Well, last election nobody else ran for Mayor and the position was acclaimed- not very good for what is the closest thing we have to grassroots democracy - local government. I think it is time as a community that we say leadership matters and to show we mean it we will invest in and support it. If the person who is entrusted with that leadership role disappoints, then the electorate can act accordingly. But in the meanwhile if we say, take the job as a half time volunteer and quarter time paid, work out of your kitchen or your car, and suffer personal attacks that go beyond appropriate criticism, I don’t think we are sending a message that we appreciate or value what is entailed in this position. Regardless of how one feels about any person who is fulfilling the role, we must show regard and respect for the Office of Mayor. Otherwise, come November maybe no-one will run again. I will add that none of this is because I intend to run for the position of Mayor because I don’t, I won’t and that is decided.

As for the firehall I also heard one opinion expressed that it should be torn down but there is also the option that it be upgraded and restored. If you have strong feelings about either option, let them be known to the Downtown Vitalization Committee who are looking at the opportunities within and the values of the downtown.

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