Thursday, April 14, 2011

Westerly News reports voting irregularity at Tofino Council

Updated 9pm April 14 2011 The westerly news reports that 3 councilors were in favor of the motion supporting the Cultural Mapping project.Sources have told tofinonews that only 5 councilors were present....more as this story unfolds....does anyone know what the Mayor's actions were in this vote ?? thanks,ralph

In response to many questions....this is from the Community Charter: General voting rules 123 (1) Unless otherwise provided, a motion on a bylaw or resolution, or on any other question before council, is decided by a majority of the council members present at the meeting. (2) Each council member has one vote on any question. (3) Each council member present at the time of a vote must vote on the matter. (4) If a council member does not indicate how he or she votes, the member is deemed to have voted in the affirmative. (5) If the votes of the members present at a council meeting at the time of the vote are equal for and against a motion, the motion is defeated. (6) A requirement under an enactment for an affirmative vote of a specified portion of all members of a council means an affirmative vote of that portion of the number of members of which the council consists under section 118 [size of council]. (7) The voting rules established by this section also apply to council committees

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