Saturday, April 9, 2011

Meeting with Treasurer April 9,2011

I met withe the treasurer yesterday.A good meeting and I learned a few interesting things.
1. there is $324,000.00 in the Campbell St. Improvement Fund.
2. there is about $400,000.00 in the Cash in lieu of Parking Fund
A couple of ideas....
Let's use some of the money from the Campbell St. Improvement fund to pay for the new water pipes on Campbell St...that would free up the money currently allocated to it to be used on other necessary water projects.
Let's open up the parking lot next to the theater for free parking ! It sits almost empty all the we really need to be charging ten bucks to park for a few hours when we have 400 grand in the parking account ?
Let's use the 400 grand in the parking account to actually create some more parking ! what a novel idea....I know that cars are politically incorrect but the reality is that they will be around for the next few years.....

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