Monday, April 25, 2011

April 25,2011 Coldwater Classic Update

Lynda Kaye said:
Dear Ralph,
Here's the latest news about the Cold Water Classic: O'Neill Canada contacted Tourism Tofino recently with this message: "[O'Neill] is unable to host the CWC Canada event anymore without financial help from partners… we’re looking for additional funding of around $175 – 200K USD. We do not have access to any corporate sponsors in Canada at the moment and will not be able to carry the financial risk – meaning that we rely on the support of city councils and/or tourism boards."

Statement from Tourism Tofino: "Tourism Tofino invested approximately $55,000 in the 2010 Cold Water Classic and has budgeted the same amount for the 2011 competition. Tourism Tofino's 2011 budget has already been approved by the Tourism Tofino and Chamber of Commerce boards of directors and is awaiting for approval from the District of Tofino.

As much as Tourism Tofino would love to have the Cold Water Classic return to Tofino, the organization is not in a position to provide additional funding to support it."

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