Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Jan. 19, 2011 Resort Municipality Funding

I have some more Info on the Resort Municipality Funding.
1.To date Tofino has received $1,721,486.64
2.The projects funded to date have been: Clayoquot Sound Theatre Seats, a contribution to the Ahkmahksis Water Reservoir, MUP and the Lighthouse Trail.
3. The funds can only be used for specific projects.
4. The current balance of the fund is $1,530,510.00

So you have to wonder why the District Council used a "Towns for Tomorrow" grant for the North Chestermans parking lot instead of using this fund ? That would have freed up the "Towns for Tomorrow" grant to be used on the water system.
You also have to wonder why this money isn't being used to upgrade beach access and facilities.It would make sense that as a Resort Municipality we would have a public washroom and decent parking at MacKenzie Beach, Middle Chestermans etc....I'm sure you will all have some ideas.....
I was shocked to learn that we have this kind of money available .Council should be working hard to ensure that this money is used wisely and nothing is coming out of general revenue that could be considered a Resort Municipality project....Your comments please ??

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