Monday, January 31, 2011

Guest Editorial by Dorothy Baert Jan.31 2011

To Ralph and your blog readers, ,
I am writing to remind your readers that there is a Public Meeting at the Community Hall this Wednesday at 7pm. These town hall meetings are important forums for Council to receive feedback and an opportunity for the community to receive verifiable information on matters of community interest. I know I am excited about this opportunity to hear from Tofino residents.

I mention ‘verifiable information’ as some provocative statements on your blog could be taken by your readers as real or true when in some instances I know they are not eg: “Council is talking about Pay Parking” or that “something is in the works about Day Care”.

Our community deserves better than that. Even if these are subjects of discussion, which to my knowledge they are not, what is so threatening about a Council and staff discussing options if the intention is to improve the quality of life, the cost or benefit to the community and so forth? Except for legal or employee matters which are addressed by necessity in Camera, everything else is in the public arena.

Also, all Councillor contact information is available on the District website I personally welcome anyone to call me directly at 250 726 5565 or email , just don’t do it anonymously. Disparaging comments without accountability are toxic and damaging far beyond the intended target. This is not the same as criticism which is a sign of healthy dialogue, something I hope will be evident at the Town Hall Meeting. Hope to see you there.
Dorothy Baert

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