Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Jan. 12,2011 Reality Check

I recently heard of a rezoning application that has been ongoing for 5 years !! How can this possibly be ? Tofino has one CAO and one planner and a few clerks so every time council directs their actions towards looking into a campsite at the Stump Dump or Tonquin Park or electric quads or banning plastic bags or banning idling cars or lowering the voting age or pay parking or social subsidized housing or no oil tankers or no mining at Catface or electric trucks or whatever the "GREEN" agenda of the day is ,it takes away from the day to day running of the town.
I'm sure all the Socialists and Environmentalists mean well but Tofino Council should concentrate on the operation of the town. If they want to change the world some on council would be better off to run for the Green Party at the provincial or federal level.
Let's do something really green and deal with better local recycling,sewer,water,basic infrastructure,shoreline management and development before we look at issues that are outside of council's mandate.

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