Friday, June 2, 2017

Agenda for June 5 2017 Tofino Committee of the Whole


Anonymous said...

Ahh the damn multiplex tax suck estimates.
Based on perhaps a population of 2200 people actually paying the annual estimated operating cost of $343,000 that means that every person will be required to cough up roughly $160 a year.
A family of 2 means $320 a year. Oh but I forgot not everyone is a tax payer on property. I guess the property owner will pass it along to his tenants with increased rent perhaps of $30 a month. Plus there will be the user fees should you ever want to use a pay facility when there is surfing for free available.
Such a damnable waste of tax money at $40 an hour 24 hours a day 365 days of the year in deadweight operating costs. Plus you know the estimates are always lower than reality.

I thought this area was supposed to be GREEN so why is the community proposing to spend all this money for something that will be a massive energy user 24 hours a day every day of the year and then is not going to be used?

I just don't get it.

Don't forget we have not had the new sewer treatment plant bills and have no idea how much in taxes that place is going to cost.

The numbers are all there in Appendix 2 on the multiplex.

Anonymous said...

This is the key problem with this place.... there is no order.

1) Treatment Plant
2) Diversify the economy
3) Let locals actually benefit from the tourism boom
4) Affordable housing
5) More Seniors housing
6) A better community school
7) Move the city hall to the Community hall

Anonymous said...

And if you just live and work here, and dont have tenants or vacation rentals to pay the tax, foolish you. Council is driving people into the Vacation Rental business just to make ends meet. I guess ordinary families will benefit from the recreation opportunities for their kids, so what if their taxes go up. Oh that's right, they are already leaving in droves cuz they can't afford it here anyway, and there is nowhere to live. Many have gone to Ukee, some moved back to their parents basement in the city.
Councillors deny this is happening. "Show to me anyone dat is currently living in dis Tofino who has moved away. You see, where is no one? Dis does not happen here in dis place. My people are happy to be here in Dis wonderful place".....No No, dos graves are very old. No one has died here, Dos graves are very old.

The last thing this council will do is economize. There is no glory in it. It is a lot more fun to spend other peoples money on legacy projects. Remember the "community hall" that was built in the rock pit in the out back. That was a legacy project from another era and another council. They all wanted to claim some kind of accomplishment, before their terms were up Cost near double what was budgeted. Serves little purpose....

Anonymous said...

Sounds about right 11:54

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with the first two comments in this thread. I have no idea how this insane multi-plex complex even got voted in - wasn't it just a few peoples kids who were driving to Port Alberni for hockey and wanted their kids to be able to play hockey here? And Gord Johns was approached to get on the band wagon and promote it through a social media campaign?
I would love to see a more informed public being able to vote on this. Last time it was pretty much any passers by on the street that were voting. When issues like this come up, a notification should be sent out to home and business owners with their property tax notices, with an attached form that can be submitted with your payment.
I really hope enough people look at how ridiculous this is, especially looking at the limited use and how ridiculous it is for a supposedly 'green' community to even consider. And I hope it's not too late to stop this.