Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Chamber of Commerce Opposes Kinder Morgan Pipeline


Anonymous said...

The chamber is run by a group of clueless idiot greenies. You also have to remember that the executive there actually do not create any wealth and only spend that of the members in the form of their hard earned dues.

Tourism creates no wealth. It is just a shuffling of money from one place and pocket to another place and pocket. The wealth that this country needs to pay for all the govt. services we all demand, (like sending Gordo to an Ottawa winter) has to be created.

Created as in using what you have in your surroundings to make something that someone else wants and will pay you for it. Selling something you have that someone, somewhere else in the world wants is how this country pays for all those cell phones and plastic imported bits of crap we buy.

If the chamber of commerce wants to protest the pipeline it should be for the contents not having more value added in the exports. It shouldn't be about the exports we need to pay for my and your healthcare and everything else, including Gordo's fat cat existence.
Gordo isn't creating any wealth either.

He's just like the chamber of commerce.
Clueless and useless but good at spending other people's money.
I wonder if I should renew my membership.

Anonymous said...

Can you still pay your dues to TBA and be included in Tourism Tofino? The chamber is a dud and does not provide any real benefits yet gets all the money. Membership has grown which should bring down the fees as most of the costs are fixed and not variable with increases in membership numbers. I always thought a Chamber of Commerce main function was to bring in more viable businesses to create a sustainable community. The chamber of commerce is a joke. If they were to truly separate 100% from tourism tofino, and not be able to keep all the membership dues, I don't think they would have any funding to survive. The legacy of GJ continues....