Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Recycling Story



Anonymous said...

I am hopeful that we can get commercial enterprise on board and resolve this problem of too few materials for the business of recycling to be financially viable. How much receipt paper is going into the landfill from the Co-ops alone? I thought they were not recyclable because of their BPA content but Chris Bird has assured me this is not the case. As well, increased public education is needed on the 'ins and outs' of acceptable recycling. At first glance this problem ought to be solvable. Share your ideas here!

Anonymous said...

There's no re-cycle pick up from any of the residents at any strata properties... (Ocean Park, South Chestermans, Fred Tibbs, Eik Landing etc) because they're deemed to be "commercial". But all these places pay property taxes, and have many full time residents.
There's no re-cycle pick up from any apartments like Tonquin Apartments (with 36 full time residents) Because they're deemed to be "commercial". But this property pays property taxes at the same rate as any other place in Tofino.
There's no re-cycle pick-up from any of the townhouses (Gibson St, Arnet Rd, P49 etc),Because they're deemed to be "commercial", yet these properties are 100% occupied by full time residents, and pay district taxes at the same rate as any other place in Tofino.

Are these residents (mostly monthly rental tenants), of some lower class that don't deserve recycling services the same as folks that live in houses? How is a single mom, who rents an apartment on Arnet Rd or a townhouse on Gibson St, and doesn't own a car, supposed to get her recycling to the depot on Industrial Way?

You oughta see the re-cyclables that go into the dumpsters at these properties each week! Tons! But we don't hear Sonbird complaining about this, do we? (They get paid, by the ton, to haul it to the landfill)

....... and then we hear complaints that there's not enough "volume".

Well, you make re-cycling impossible for people and now you see what one of the results is.

My sympathy for Sonbird Disposal will fit in a thimble.

Anonymous said...

6:07 not sure where you get your info from but Ocean Park and 2 other stratas I know of in town have there recycling picked up.

Anonymous said...

Yes, they get it picked up because they PAY to have it done . They don't get curbside pick-up like people who live in houses. The point is, that the recycle service is much less efficient than it should be, and the system is stacked to favor some, and to not favor others.

Anonymous said...

Why couldn't some of the time, effort, and money that's wasted on "affordable housing" be used to make the recycling system work? Seems like the "green" movement is also the champion of affordable housing, so it shouldn't be an issue to move the cash over to a "green" project.