Saturday, May 14, 2016

DISTRICT OF TOFINO REGULAR COUNCIL MEETING Council Chamber, Municipal Office 2016-May-17 at 10:00 AM

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Council Chamber, Municipal Office
2016-May-17 at 10:00 AM


Click here for the District of Tofino 2015-2018 Strategic Plan





Minutes of the Regular Council Meeting held April 26, 2016
THAT the minutes of the regular Council meeting held April 26, 2016 be adopted.
Regular Council - 26 Apr 2016 - Minutes


Minutes of the Special Council Meeting held May 4, 2016
THAT the minutes of the special Council meeting held May 4, 2016 be adopted.
Special Council - 04 May 2016 - Minutes



Request for Funding and Endorsement for Vancouver Island Green Business Certification Program
2016-04-26 Delegation Request - T. Stokvis and J. Doucette (VIGBC and SSI)2016-04-26 VIGBC Presentation to Council




Delegation Request from Chris Le Fevre, representing Le Fevre & Company, regarding Residential Pocket Neighbourhoods
Delegation Request - Le Fevre and Co.


Delegation Request from Michawel Lowry, Communications Manager, representing Western Canada Marine Response Corporation, regarding Marine Oil Spill Response
Delegation Request - WCMRC


Delegation Request from Michael Brown and Travis McKenzie, representing NTSQ Sports Inc., regarding Tofino Swim Run Canadian Championships
Delegation Request - NTSQ Sports Inc.



Correspondence from Dan Law regarding Thanks for Support of the Rowan Tree Project
Correspondence re. Thanks for Support


Correspondence from Provincial Health Services Authority and BC Emergency Health Services regarding Community Paramedicine Initiative
Correspondence re. Community Paramedicine Initiative



Correspondence from Rupert and Franny Yakelashek requesting support for Federal Environmental Rights Legislation
Correspondence re. Support for Federal Environmental RightsCorrespondence re. Support for Federal Environmental Rights - Appendix 1


Correspondence from Maaqtusiis Elementary School Students regarding Balloon and Lantern Releases
Correspondence re. Banning Balloon and Lantern Releases


Correspondence from Tofino Clayoquot Heritage Society regarding Japanese Settler Recognition
Correspondence re. Japanese Settler Recognition


Correspondence from Leadership Vancouver Island regarding a Shuttle Pilot Project
Correspondence re. LVI Shuttle Pilot Project





Event Strategy and Working Group Update (Verbal Report from Mo Douglas on behalf of Resort Municipality Initiative Services)


Council Remuneration, Benefits and Expense Reimbursement Amendment Bylaw No. 1186.02, 2016 (Report from Financial Services)
THAT “District of Tofino Council Remuneration, Benefits and Expense Reimbursement Amendment Bylaw No. 1186.02, 2016” be introduced and read a first, second and third time.
2016-05-17 Council Remuneration, Benefits and Expense Reimbursement Amendment Bylaw No. 1186.02, 2016


2016 Council Grant Application – Friends of Clayoquot Sound (Report from Financial Services)
THAT the 2016 Council Grant application from Friends of Clayoquot Sound be funded from 2016 contingency.
2016-05-17 RTC Council Grant Application - Friends of Clayoquot Sound2016-05-17 RTC Council Grant Application - Friends of Clayoquot Sound - Appendix 12016-05-17 RTC Council Grant Application - Friends of Clayoquot Sound - Appendix 2


Special Event Permit Application - Aeriosa Birds Land (Report from Resort Municipality Initiative Services)
THAT staff be authorized to issue a special event permit for the use of the North Chesterman parking lot and beach access  path to organizers of the Aeriosa Birds Land Community Dance Project scheduled to be held from May 23 to 27, 2016 including the following conditions:
         Proof of permission from the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations to use the foreshore.
         Provision of a $500 refundable damage deposit.
         Provision of a Certificate of Insurance naming the District of Tofino as additional insured.


Canada Day Road Closures (Report from Community Sustainability)
THAT Third Street from Campbell Street to Neill Street be closed for the duration of the 2016 Canada Day celebration, to accommodate additional event space.

AND THAT Neill Street from Third Street to Second Street be closed for the duration of the 2016 Canada Day celebration, to accommodate additional event space.

AND THAT Gibson Street from Third Street to First Street be opened for emergency vehicle vehicles on July 1st, 2015.
2016-05-17 Canada Day Road Closures


Canada Day Beer Garden (Report from Community Sustainability)
THAT the Tofino Recreation Commission be authorized to hold a fundraising beer garden in the Village Green Park Basketball Courts on Friday July 1st, 2016, from 4:00 - 9:00 pm.
2016-05-17 Canada Day Beer Garden


Zoning Amendment Application – Tofino Brewing Company - 691 Industrial Way (Report from Community Sustainability)
THAT “District of Tofino Zoning Amendment Bylaw No. 1223, 2016” be introduced and read a first time.
2016-05-27 TCB First Reading2016-05-27 TCB First Reading - Appendix 12016-05-27 TCB First Reading - Appendix 22016-05-27 TCB First Reading - Appendix 3


Zoning Amendment Bylaw No. 1218 – Close – 1475 Braiden Road (Report from Community Sustainability)
THAT second reading of “District of Tofino Zoning Amendment Bylaw No. 1218, 2015” be rescinded.
THAT “District of Tofino Zoning Amendment Bylaw No. 1218, 2015” be read a second time to allow Council to receive additional information.
THAT “District of Tofino Zoning Amendment Bylaw No. 1218, 2015” be referred to public hearing.
2016-05-17 RTC Zoning Amendment (Reread 2nd) – 1475 Braiden Road2016-05-17 RTC Zoning Amendment (Reread 2nd) – Appendix 1


Amendment to District of Tofino Fees, Terms and Conditions Bylaw - LIDAR (Report from Community Sustainability)
THAT “District of Tofino Fees, Terms and Conditions Amendment Bylaw No. 1153.01, 2016”, be introduced and read a first, second and third time.
2016-05-17 RTC Fees and Charges Amendment Bylaw2016-05-17 RTC Fees and Charges Amendment Bylaw - Appendix 1


Community Economic Development Advisory Committee
THAT the minutes of the Community Economic Development Advisory Committee meeting held May 4, 2016 be received.
The Community Economic Development Advisory Committee reports and recommends as follows:
THAT a process to streamline Temporary Use Permit applications be established to permit recreational vehicles and camping on private property as temporary housing for a period not to exceed six months during 2016.
THAT the recommendation as outlined on page 21-22 of the Tofino Seasonal Workers Housing Action Plan - Summary Phase 1 Report, dated May 4, 2016, be adopted.
Recommendation from Report:
Reconstitute the Tofino Housing Corporation and make the solution to the seasonal
worker housing shortfall part of a larger affordable housing strategy for Tofino.
CEDAC - 04 May 2016 - MinutesD. Innes - 2016 FeasibilityD. Innes - Phase 1 ReportD. Innes - Phase 1 Report - Summary


Tofino Recreation Commission
THAT the minutes of the Tofino Recreation Commission meeting held April 20, 2016 be received.
Tofino Recreation Commission - 20 Apr 2016 - Minutes






THAT the meeting be closed to the public pursuant to sections 90(1)(a)(c)and (i), and 91(2)(b) of the Community Charter to discuss matters relating to:
         personal information about an individual who holds or is being considered for a position as an officer, employee or agent;
         employee relations;
         the receipt of advice subject to solicitor-client privilege, including communications necessary for that purpose;
         consideration of information received and held in confidence relating to negotiations between the municipality and the provincial and/or federal government.




May 17, 2016
Regular Council Agenda


Anonymous said...

Can someone explain the "grant" to the Friends of Clayoquot Sound.

Ralph Tieleman said...

Friends of Clayoquot Sound never criticize the discharge of raw sewage by the District of Tofino.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, what is the "grant" for? Does any one know?

Ralph Tieleman said...

If you click on the links it takes you to the "Clayoquot Salmon Festival" . I have no idea what that is about.

Anonymous said...

Item 11-7..... Tofino Brewery is wanting to put another bar (cleverly disguised as a "lounge") ,a place to sell and consume alcohol, on Industrial Way!! Here's my opinion....NO!!
The last thing this community needs is yet another place featuring booze as the main (and only) attraction. This was tried before on the corner of 4th and Campbell and the idea was totally rejected by the community. Let's see this rejected again!! No one needs this, and no one wants it in our community.
I'm waiting to hear the response from the local first nations chiefs, the RCMP, medical professionals, mental health and addictions staff, other business operators and residents in the area.... I'm sure their response will be the same as mine.... NO!! We don't want it!!
Let's hope that council takes the time to realize that this would be a loss, not a gain, for our community, solely of benefit to the owner who seeks financial gain from what would only detract from the community. Let's hope that the liquor licensing process and the district by-law process is wise enough to realize that a swill-shop located in an industrial building with a blast rock parking lot isn't something that our community needs or wants.
Keep this disgrace out of our village!

Ralph Tieleman said...

The community lost the lounge, cabaret and even the beer parlour at the Maquinna. We are in a cultural void.Tofino can't become Whistler West without night life. I don't drink so it doesn't matter to me.

Anonymous said...

I have noticed that since the Maquinna shut down, that there's certainly a lot less late night vandalism and a lot less drunken yokels wandering the streets in the wee hours of the morning, shouting, yelling, and causing a general disturbance. If this is what not being "Whistler West" means, please bring it on. People come to Tofino to enjoy the nature, the remoteness, the peace and quiet. Not to witness a drunken spectacle. Not for "night life". A "cultural void"? Hardly, I'd think. There's lots of cultural activity here, just not the type fueled by overindulgence in alcohol. That's not a "void". That's a blessing. Tofino is not "Party Central". Tofino doesn't want to become "Party Central".

Ralph Tieleman said...

Interesting perspective ....are you opposed to Feast and the Food and Wine festival ? Both involve alcohol . I have observed more crime associated with illegal campgrounds than licensed liquor outlets. Council has ignored this blight on our community for decades.Another observation is that Tofino is attracting a younger demographic .....

Anonymous said...

Tofino needs a medical marijuana dispensary and a needle exchange.As the Fentanyl crisis escalates,a supervised injection site will be required.

Ralph Tieleman said...


Anonymous said...

i find drunkeness disgusting crude and ilogical. besides religion sports and politics it seems to be the most profitable & easiest method to exploit peoples needs for a sense of acceptance, community, and purpose.
stupidity as our highest social plateau.
way to go tofino.

Anonymous said...

Advertising is a very powerful, very effective tool. It convinces huge numbers of people that that things that are not really true, are in fact, true. See the images of people "enjoying" that "smooth, satisfying" romamtic, so "cool". We believed it for decades. See the images of the happy, beautiful people scarfing down the french fries and grease burgers. Let's all go to the fast food restaurant!.(don't worry about the obesity and heart disease). And see the images of all the wonderful happy smiling people attending their favorite event, all having simply oceans of fun. Notice how they're all drinking that favorite brand of beer, or spiced rum, or "the world's finest" vodka. The advertising world has done it again. They've convinced generations of citizens that it isn't possible to enjoy yourself, nor to enjoy the company of others, unless you've first absorbed a large quantity of some alcoholic beverage. If you want to have fun, you need alcohol. If you want a public gathering, you'll need alcohol. If you want to be a "real man", you'll need alcohol. Somehow, we've all come to accept this as a fact of life, a condition of the society we live in. It's "normal" for people to drink to excess.... It's only to be expected, "It was a party"..... It wasn't really his fault, "He was drunk".... We accept it, we condone it, we make it easy for this social malady to continue. We invent foolish slogans like "Drink Responsibly" in order to pretend that we care..... then we supply 66 oz bottles of whiskey. Or the guy that's going to have "a couple beers"... so he buys a 24 pack. It's not about social drinking, it's about getting smashed out of your mind drunk. And, as we all know, it causes enormous social problems. A police officer once told me that 90% of the cases he was called out to involved alcohol or the aftermath of alcohol consumption.
What to do about it? I do not know. But supplying yet more locales where booze is served seems like a poor step taken in a wrong direction. A beer or a glass of wine with dinner isn't a bad thing. This isn't the problem. But having a "lounge", where the main activity is simply sucking back quantities of booze, doesn't sound like "Drinking Responsibly" It sounds more like simply getting drunk.
Alcohol. Perhaps you believe the advertisements. I do not. It's not fun. It harms people. It causes problems. It destroys families. It kills. We DO NOT need more of it.
I love 11:21's comment above...... "method to exploit people's needs". Just for a few dollars. Do you really need the money that badly?

Anonymous said...

So, firstly, all Muslims must not consume Alcohol at all. It is amongst the Major Sins and will have to be accounted for on the day of Judgement. Besides the Islamic ruling, we all know too well the harms of this evil. This is one of the main roots of corruption in society. Violence, family tragedies, suicides are a few of the fatal results of this disease. May Almighty Allah save us all. Ameen.

Ralph Tieleman said...

I don't drink but I support the brewery . The operators have been good citizens and provide local employment .

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Ralph Tieleman said...

I searched the liquor control data base and found no violations associated with the Tofino Brewery.

Anonymous said...

4:51 You should move to Iran if you hate booze so much. Tofino has a long and proud history as a hard drinking town. If you are scared of Iran maybe find a dry county in Utah.

Anonymous said...

The Nightlife in whistler is a reason in itself for coming here. World famous DJ's, live music, apres ski and a great party scene means there is some place for everyone no matter what your taste in entertainment. Not only are the pubs a great place for relaxing and partying but the food can be fantastic as well.

A few things to remember for those coming to Whistler and British Columbia for the first time.

The legal drinking age in British Columbia is age 19.
If you look young make sure you bring ID. Acceptable forms of ID include Drivers licence or Passport. You will often be asked fro a second piece of ID such as a credit card with your name.
Nightclubs in Whistler close at 2am (Sundays 1am)
Bars close at 1am although patios usually close an hour earlier.
You are not allowed to drink alcohol in a public place - such as a street or a park - unless it has been specially approved as a place where drinking may occur (during a street party or community festival, for example)
Most establishments will allow children during apr├Ęs but due to licensing restrictions families will have to vacate after dinner time
For more legal info check out the BC Government
Check out what the whistler bar scene is all about.

God said...

Bring back the Bike Cop . He will stop these Satanists from drinking . He will even stop them from dancing . He will bust the potheads as well .

Anonymous said...

Question to ponder.
If they promote public drinking as shown on their current Instagram feed why wouldn't they break other operating rules?

Anonymous said...

we all feel your hate.we all feel sorry for you

Anonymous said...

Agree with 10:07..... Allowing a discussion about local alcohol licensing devolve into hateful and derogatory comments about Muslims, people from Utah or Iran, a former police officer, and even people who smoke pot, is immature, disrespectful, and adds nothing to the discussion. It would appear that drunken behavior isn't limited to the parking lot outside the bar, it spills over onto the internet as well. The hate remains hidden, until a few drinks open the gates and allow it to come out into the light.

Ralph Tieleman said...

In most of the world , alcohol isn't a big deal. Somehow BC has remained in the dark ages.

Anonymous said...

Agreed Ralph, in most of the world drinking in public isn't an issue. So why is it here that wild behaviour is commonly associated with alcohol? Civility seems to be lacking. I don't appreciate being woken up by drunks travelling home late at night.
What may happen with this lounge is an increase of off premises sales late at night where the purchasers are disrespectful of everyone else in town. I don't envision the brewery proactively educating their late night product purchasers with suggestions for polite respectful behaviour in Tofino. Maybe that could be part of their application? However I would hate to be living anywhere near it especially in any live/work spaces. One thing for sure the brewery needs to tone down the public alcohol consumption messages they give out on social media if they want to look a bit more professional and of higher quality. What I really don't get is why there isn't a fun advertising/social media campaign that combines a social responsibility and civility message. It could change some negative views about the brewery into positive ones. Maybe even win them some awards.

Garima said...