Thursday, October 8, 2015

Conservative Speaks Out On Indigenous Women


Anonymous said...

This idiot says that these women need to get a job, so they don't put themselves at risk by needing to hitch-hike. I've seen lots of young aboriginal women hitch-hiking in Tofino. They're often trying to get to and from work. There's no public transit, and poverty prevents them from owning a car. Even if they did own a car, they usually can only get a job at minimum wage level, or perhaps slightly more, so they couldn't afford to maintain it. I suppose they could just walk from Esowista to town, it's only a couple hours, on a narrow road, in fast moving traffic. And then walk home again after working a shift. That would only be a 15-16 hour day. Sounds like a good solution, if your're a heartless, arrogant, uncaring, judgemental bastard. Does this Conservative candidate live in the real world? This Harper Government disgusts me, this is actually how they choose to think of the citizens of Canada.

Ralph Tieleman said...

Well said