Friday, May 22, 2015

These Two Choice Comments on Taxes and Watermetergate

22% over 5 years, are they totally insane? We can barely manage the property taxes now. Instead of wasting money on fancy beautification projects, salary increases, endless consulting that makes me wonder if anybody at the district does anything themselves anymore, please concentrate on the essentials. Make the big businesses pay their share and their true water bills. Instead of focusing on tourism focus on the residents of Tofino for a change who pay your salaries! Please keep the costs down!
It is very sad when people who lived here for many years and consider Tofino their home have to leave because the taxes and living expenses have simply become unaffordable. When only a few rich and famous pop in once in a while I wonder how that will sustain this place and who is going to do the work around here?
BTW, the people who so royally messed up the water bills definitely do not deserve a raise! It is a scandal that the taxpayer has to make up for the resorts not paying for their water usage. I remember Jacqueline Windt telling us a few years ago that we were subsidizing the resorts with our high water bills but nobody listened then. Why did nobody at the district take her serious at the time?


Anonymous said...

Tofino residents are in good hands. LOL

We should ask for an idependent DOT investigation by the Ombudsman.
Maybe install spyware on staff computers and keep an eye on what they are really accomplishing on daily base ?
Prohibit staff from using their personal phones, cause we're not stupid and see you on facebook during office hours !

Anonymous said...

That is a good question.
When is the provincial ombudsman going to investigate.