Friday, May 22, 2015

May 25 Tofino Council Agenda

Please find below links to the following agenda packages:

 (*Please be advised that there are large documents in this package. The Splitscreen may open faster than the PDF version)


Anonymous said...

Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of pages....... Who in the world has time to read all of this? Better question.. Who's getting paid to produce all of this paperwork?
I did notice one phrase that caught my attention: "to act as stewards of the public assets" (referring to municipal government). Might I suggest that a good method of achieving responsible stewardship would be to learn how to say "Is this project actually necessary and do we really have the right to spend the people's tax dollars on it?

Anonymous said...

anon 9:22
asking the necessity and the right to tax and spend would be too simple. We'd need a study before it could be done and to do that we'd need to hire a another consultant instead of using normal reasoning processes.

Anonymous said...

Next we'll be hiring a consultant in order to hire a consultant to produce a study about whether or not to do something.
this is worse than incompetence.
maybe that's a misprint that should be: 'stewards of the public asses'
we have seen some boondoggles but this is becoming ridiculous in terms of public monies being tossed away frivolously.
maybe we should have a referendum on the budget items and get some real scrutiny on the dumb and unnecessary stuff.
furthermore hiring a attainable housing consultant is a waste of money.
all the framework necessary to initiate groundbreaking was already done.
unless the present council wants the option of a trailer park and/or campground on district lands either at the end of industrial Road or behind the community hall.
like it or not, temporary worker housing/accommodation in a tourist destination resort is as necessary as public washrooms.
no one wants to pay for it especially those businesses who have employees who live here already or who have staff accommodation on site. the fact of the matter is that the proliferation of vacation rentals has further eroded any short-term/ long-term rental base for temporary workers.
whoever is to blame for this doesn't matter at this point. it needs to be fixed.