Thursday, March 12, 2015

Watermetergate !!

Sorry that the blog has been pretty quiet lately....I've been lazy.No excuse. Thanks to the many readers that have alerted me to the faulty water meter story. I'll have a full report later this afternoon.
The water meter issue is on links above


Anonymous said...

Ralph: "I've been lazy. No excuse"

Sounds like you qualify for a District job.

Anonymous said...

These good corporate citizens didn't notice that their water bills were a fraction of what they should be ? Shame on them

Anonymous said...

It makes you wonder how qualified the DoT staff is when hotels get away with 90% discount on their water bill. Meanwhile families leave because they can't afford to live here. SHAME ON YOU DoT !!!!!!!!

Looking forward to your full story Ralph. Thanx for keeping the plebs updated while the rest of Tofino gets fooled by Her Facebook post.

Anonymous said...

Looks like some promtions are in order at the town hall