Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Lunney quits Conservatives !!


The full text of Lunney's statement:
Leaders of the faith community were in Ottawa on March 25th to express their alarm at increasing and unprecedented attempts to stifle freedom of religion, conscience and expression in Canada.
They identify deliberate attempts to suppress a Christian world-view from professional and economic opportunity in law, medicine, and academia. I share these concerns. I believe the same is true in the realm of politics at senior levels.
In the past month a few words exchanged on social media, words like: science, managing assumptions and theory or fact related to (macro) evolution. My remarks were inflated by media, blended with other unrelated but alleged heretical statements and became a top story on national media creating a firestorm of criticism and condemnation. Since two other politicians in Ontario and Alberta were targeted during the same period, it is clear that any politician or candidate of faith is going to be subjected to the same public scrutiny in coming elections.
In a society normally proud of embracing difference, the role of the media and partisan politics in inciting social bigotry and intolerance should be questioned. Such ignorance and bigotry cloaked in defence of science is as repugnant as bigotry of any other origin. It is based in a false construct from another century and is a flagrant violation of a society that is multicultural, multi-racial and multi faith and strives to be accepting of differences.
Today I am announcing that I have asked the speaker to assign me a seat as an independent MP. I will seek an opportunity to address the House in defence of my beliefs and the concerns of my faith community.
I am withdrawing from the CPC caucus voluntarily; the decision is entirely my own. Given the circling trolls, I do not intend to entangle the most multi-racial, multicultural and multi-faith caucus in parliamentary history in my decision to defend my beliefs.
have no intentions of betraying my promise to my constituents and will continue to vote alongside my colleagues in the Conservative caucus.
Freedom of Religion is foundational to democracy; if we don’t get that right, it always leads to persecution.


Anonymous said...

Thank God ! Hallelujah !!

Bill Tieleman said...

The James Lunney who would not stand up to defend the Kitsilano or Tofino Coast Guard stations from closing or other Coast Guard stations in BC slated to shut down - but Lunney will stand up for "religious freedom"? Coast Guard stations save lives but Lunney was too afraid of being ostracized within the Conservative caucus to speak out - now he's deliberately removed himself entirely. Shameful that he would not represent his constituents but will represent his religious views.

Anonymous said...

This guy denies evolution?....... and so we elected him to represent us in Ottawa?..... C'mon people, we gotta start making better choices. At least this so called "doctor" (he's only a f**kin' chiropractor) has announced that he's not running again this time.

Anonymous said...

He lost his belief in evolution after a long talk with the area's NDP candidate.Vote Green !

Anonymous said...

Vote Gord Johns ! NDP all the way !

Anonymous said...

Freedom of religion does not exist in Canada anymore. Secular humanism for all. The freedom to overspend by meritocrats seems to be well established in the Conservatives, Liberals and the NDP. The age of smug entitlement is upon us. Orwell had it correct. I have voted for all parties for differing reasons at points in my life. I cannot vote for the village fools at either end of the political spectrum locally. Nationally the fence sitting ego with the nice haircut is unfathomable as a leader, he even trotted out his crazy mother for an endorsement. What should we do Obi Wan Tieleman. Christy was bright till we gave her some power, now look at her. I am truly interested in your viewpoint.

Ralph Tieleman said...

The best and the brightest no longer want to participate in politics. At the municipal level council has put their faith in staff and seem to only worry about how to spend RMI revenue. Without a portfolio system and some oversight we will continue to see the same problems in the DOT.Questionable appointments made during the Bob Long/ Braden Smith era continue to be a problem for the District. Watermetergate is just one symptom of a larger problem.
Politicians focusing on Facebook and dog feces while ignoring the basic operations of the town don't help.It could be worse....we could have to decide between Ted Cruz or Hilary Clinton.....