Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Sea Otter Shot

Vancouver, B.C. — A veterinary team at the Vancouver Aquarium Marine Mammal Rescue Centre is working around-the-clock to save a severely injured sea otter suffering from gunshot wounds to his head and body.
Staff from the Rescue Centre rescued the animal from Tofino, B.C. on October 18 and admitted him to the Rescue Centre where he is receiving critical care and monitoring. The team is currently working to stabilize the animal, but diagnostic tests have revealed that his condition is very serious.


Anonymous said...

The otters are not the problem. A healthy otter population is an indication of a healthy marine environment. The urchin population is what has been out of control. IF the otters make a come back, we will get the kelp forest back which are the nurseries of the ocean. Everything grows up in the kelp forest. No otters....no kelp...no nursery. It's that simple. Travel down the coast and you will find a healthy otters, crab, shell fish, and even ABALONE! Yes, in California you can still get abalone and the otters are healthy. The problems here are greedy fisherman and poachers not the otters. Whoever is shooting otters, please take off your blinders and get educated. This is not all about your wallet and short term gain. Our marine environment took a huge hit when the otters were all killed. Bring back the otters, eat some urchin, let the kelp grow and watch our marine environment flourish. Shoot a marine mammal and you should go to jail....PEACE!

Anonymous said...

5:29 has said it. How could anyone be so short-sighted as not to realize the value to the ocean of the return of the otters???

I am stunned at the ignorance.

Eileen said...

How did the people of Tofino allow this to happen? The presence of sea otters is surely a sign of a healthy marine environment? I do hope people will hold these individuals accountable as so many around the world are watching closely.

Anonymous said...

Ask Queen Sacheen