Thursday, August 15, 2013

Hippie Gathering Update


Anonymous said...

How about the Botanical Gardens as a Rainbow gathering place?
The Mayor seems to be Open to these gatherings according to a recent TV interview.
These Lamebows state that they will actually improve and heal the land.. (with Human Fertilizer and flakey Karma )
So it's a Win Win... and You Drainbows fit right in!

Anonymous said...

It's great having someone new and different coming to the area. It gives us someone to hate and say nasty things about besides the regular targets.
So, some kids want to go dance and play in the bush for a couple weeks. Big deal. I'm willing to bet that they won't do as much damage to the Kennedy Flats and the fish habitat there as the logging companies did in years gone by. They won't dump any more trash in the off-roads than the locals do all year long. They can't be more irresponsible and a danger to themselves than the local teens all drunked up and whoopin' it up at the beach weekends.
Suddenly "sewage" is a big concern......Hello!!! Tofino dumps TONS of untreated sewage into the environment every year. I guess "local" s**t is purer than the filth those "hippies" excrete. Gimmee a break, bears put more piles out there than these kids will in a few weeks.
But it's great to have someone new to hate, isn't it? And easy too. "Those people" don't look, speak, and act in the way that I think they should. What a nice place, nice people we have here.
I think I'll get a stand at the public market this Saturday. I can make a good buck selling "Keep Out", "No Trespassing", and "Closed" signs.
.....there's no room at the inn, they'll have to go stay in the stable.

Anonymous said...

New and Different in the area? Really, look around you... Where do you Live?
"Some Kids want to come Dance and play in the Bush, big deal"
LOL, you should be an example and show them what nice People we are in Tofino & invite them to your backyard in trade for good Karma.

400+ Drainbows for 1 month = 15,000 Sh*ts on Rainbow Beach! (more when the diarrhea sets in)
According to their FB page 11,000 "Brothers & Sisters" were invited and 1800 said they will attend, but most don't do what they claim!!
So only 400 are expected to come Enhance & Heal the Clayoquot Sound.

Historically sanitation has been a major concern at Rainbow Gatherings.
In North Carolina an outbreak of highly contagious shigellosis (dysentery) know as Beaver Fever causing diarrhea attributed to filth and squalor in the Camp!

Anonymous said...

The Manson Family was "new and different"...I'm sure they'd fit right in with the freeloaders at the soup kitchen and Pooles.There are those in Tofino that would have gone out of their way to welcome Manson or Jim Jones. Ask anyone in Bamfield about how the hippies trashed Keeha Bay.

Ralph Tieleman said...

Not everyone at the soup kitchen or foodbank are freeloaders.Some people really need a hand but I've seen people smoking tailor made cigarettes and talking on a cell phone while waiting to exploit the generosity of others.

Anonymous said...

I didn't realize that our civilization faced such imminent peril. These hippies are a nasty sounding bunch; Diseased, chaotic, thieving, filthy, freeloaders.
I need to protect myself and my family from these dangerous hippies. Could someone tell me what would be the most suitable type of firearm for this purpose? Handgun? Shotgun? Assault rifle?
Should I wait until I'm attacked in my home, or be more pro-active and attack them first, perhaps before they become a real threat, while they're still young, perhaps pupils in elementary school?
If Charlie Manson and Jim Jones had been eliminated at age 9, they never would have become monsters later on in life, right? Likewise with these hippies.....Should we kill 'em all now, just in case they might do something wrong later?

Ralph Tieleman said...

No need to over- react ! Deodorant, shampoo,barber's scissors and workboots should put the run on them !! If that doesn 't work put up a "Help Wanted" sign !

Anonymous said...

Communique from the World Rainbow Family
The Westerly News received the following letter this afternoon from a man identifying himself as Michel Makepeace on behalf of the World Rainbow Family.

AUGUST 14, 2013


This is an open letter to the Vancouver Island community from designated representatives of the World Rainbow Family. 

The Rainbow Family is an open family, for that reason we cannot possibly talk for the multitudes of brothers and sisters around the world, however the World Rainbow Council in Raft Cove designated us to convey the family’s sentiments.

We would like to introduce ourselves as The Rainbow Family of living light. We are a worldwide inclusive family of conscious people who gather to share our creativity in a loving and peaceful environment. 

We further wish to convey our apologies to the residents North Island community and First Nations for not asking for their blessing to gather at Raft Cove. There were unforeseen circumstances which required us to change location at the last minute. We were also functioning with the understanding that being a public park that we could safely gather at Raft Cove. We continue to evolve and grow from our mistakes. 

Having since spoken to residents, park rangers and first nation’s representatives, we understand and acknowledge all concerns. We have acquiesced out of respect for the wishes of the North Island First Nations, who we regretfully didn’t consult as to whether we could gather in a place of cultural significance to them.

To be clear, there were never more than 125 brothers and sisters on the Raft Cove site. 

We would like however to give you our perspective on that situation. A main reason sounded for why we shouldn’t be able to gather on Raft Cove was the environmental impact on this place of significant natural beauty. What our family saw on our journeys around the North Island deeply shocked us and we would like to share with the local community and the world the horrific level of deforestation of ancient and sacred trees occurring now in the North Island.

The Hopi Prophecy which forms the ideology of our family is that a tribe, from all corners of the world, with multiple colors will rise up from the midst of destruction and heal the earth. Given that we are a deeply environmentally conscious group these environmental concerns were hard to comprehend. Historically we have been involved in local environmental matters, such as the 1993 protection of the Clayoquot Sound forests.

Over the last 24 hours, we have engaged the Tofino Tla-o-qui-aht First Nations and council of chiefs in an open dialogue with to identify an alternative, safe venue for our gathering. 

The World Rainbow Gathering is not a party or a festival, it is about healing the world and a celebration of unity with each other and the earth. From our meetings with numerous representatives of the First Nations and the Mayor of the District of Tofino Josie Osborne, we understand that on a Tofino area Tla-o-qui-aht children are in need of a playground. We have therefore extended an offer in order to healthfully contribute and help bridge our communities in providing a safe haven for the children to gather and play.

Although it’s very hard to accurately forecast numbers, we estimate that around 250 of our family will gather on the island until the end of August. We now hope that a light has illuminated a previous darkness with regards to these issues. 

We would like to thank the Vancouver Island Residents for the kindnesses they have shown our family members on an individual basis over the last couple of weeks. Through nothing more than our efforts to heal this area, we would like to be remembered here. We look forward to this beautiful opportunity to give back to the local community.

Love and Light.

The World Rainbow Family.

© Copyright 2013
Well, we're certainly not going to put up that, are we? To arms!!

Anonymous said...

What about Hippie Point??

Anonymous said...

I heard a bunch of local losers assaulted their camp. Anyone have the details?

Anonymous said...

Might be wise to check with some other communities, that have hosted this group in the past, before we greet with open arms. It would be interesting to know how the land was left. I cant see any benefit for our town on this one. Build a playground? With whose tools? I can only imagine what that would look like.

© Copyright 2013 ???? you funny!

Anonymous said...

A Local Photographer posted on Social Media:
"GIVE PEACE A CHANCE" and if they leave any garbage behind I'll go out there myself and clean it up!
Funny, now Rainbow Beach has been left behind trashed >> She deleted her post!