Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Free Bike Tail Lights

The Tofino RCMP police officers have been very impressed as of late with the noted increase of cyclists displaying proper bicycle head lights while cycling at night. The police officers have also noted that many cyclists have a head light, but not a tail light. It is a Provincial Statute requirement that cyclists have front and tail bicycle lights when cycling at night. It also makes good sense from a safety perspective.
Well, to contribute to a solution to this paradox, the Tofino RCMP have teamed up with Marc from TOF City Cycles and acquired twenty-five (25) bicycle tail lights. Marc and the Tofino RCMP will be installing these lights on Tofino cyclist bicycles on Friday, April 19, 2013, from Noon to 1:30 PM at the Tofino RCMP parking lot (detachment garage in rear if the weather is poor). First come, first served.
This offer is limited to District of Tofino residents who have a bicycle and periodically cycle at night.
Please contact Cpl Andrew Waddell at the Tofino RCMP (P 250.725.3242) should more information be required.


Anonymous said...

Nice posative solution
Fine work by the local RCMP helping people make the right choices.

cam said...

all well and good but really can't people take responsibility for their own safety and compliance.

Anonymous said...

The truth is that people can't take responsibility for their own safety and compliance. That's why we have Police.

Anonymous said...

technically, we have the RCMP because the brits needed a colonial army to hold back the natives and metis while turning land into `private property`.

Andrew said...

The Tofino RCMP was able to give out 12 of the 25 rear bicycle lights.

If, you live in Tofino, have a bike, at times ride at night, and need a FREE tail light, please see me this week (April 24>, Wed - Sat) after 3 PM for one to be installed on your bike. Note: one per cyclist.

Thank-you to TOF Cycles and the cyclists who were able to attend.

Andrew Waddell Cpl
Tofino RCMP