Monday, April 1, 2013

BC Ferries Raise Fares-Not a Joke !


Anonymous said...

I'm really looking forward to the upcoming election. As all well know, the Liberals are out.....and we'll have a new government based on old established political traditions. Instead of having overpaid corporate executives stealing our tax dollars, we can get back to the good old days where the politicians steal the money themselves, and cut out the middlemen.
Is this an improvement? No, not really. But it makes for a much more interesting evening news broadcast, everyone loves a good scandal.
You see, the problem isn't the fact that those in authority act toward their own benefit. The problem is that when they do, and get caught, there are no consequences.
How about some laws with teeth? If you break the public trust and get caught, you'll have to resign. (But you can keep the money).....and the government will provide you with a lawyer (BC Rail)!
Instead, how about....."If you get caught involved in public corruption you get fired, and ALL of your assets are forfeited. You end up unemployed, disgraced, and broke."
BC ferries isn't working. Lots of public agencies are not working. Nothing is going to change unless something changes. Nothing is going to change until we, the people, demand change.

Anonymous said...

Agree is time for a change in Goverenment however, do you really believe the NDP are any different?