Thursday, October 18, 2012

Times Colonist Story on Fish Farm near Tofino


Anonymous said...

Why is the Chamber of Commerce against commerce that would help keep families in Tofino.Fish Farming provides many good jobs for locals and our First Nations neighbors.These are families that will support new rec facilities.I don't understand.What does Plover Point have to do with Fraser River sockeye ?

Anonymous said...

"Tofino council and the Tofino-Long Beach Chamber of Commerce both passed motions opposing the new farm." - Times Colonist

I guess if you had read the article you would have asked why Tofino Council is against commerce too. Or maybe you just have an agenda. Its funny how people in this town want jobs but they won't eat farmed salmon. And for the record most of the employees who work for that fish farm live in Port Alberni, Ukee and other locations. Will they be paying the additional taxes every year to fund the multiplex - I think not. Plover Point has everything do to with Fraser River salmon, you just don't understand.

Ralph Tieleman said...

Sockeye bound for the Kennedy River pass by Plover Point but I don't think any Fraser River fish do.