Thursday, February 2, 2012

RIM compared to Tofino

The following is a quote from Christine Comaford regarding the situation at Blackberry maker Research in Motion.The District of Tofino is in the same position in that confidence in the organization is rapidly dwindling .

“Drastic change is totally needed. Management is out of touch. It has low emotional equity with customers, with the market and with internal staff. There's no marketing evangelism and there's no innovation. Its turn-around plan is vague and ambiguous.”

“The key is to establish a vibrant set of outsiders who ask tough questions. People on company boards tend to ‘go native' after 90 days. They want to be part of the tribe. They drink the Kool-Aid and keep asking for more. We need people who want water instead.”

The new Mayor and Council have to be asking the tough questions.

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