Friday, October 15, 2010

Affordable Housing at no cost to the taxpayer !! Oct.15,2010
Victoria and Vancouver are both pursuing the concept of "Garden Suites ".....this is a solution for affordable housing that would work well for Tofino.It allows for a small cabin on lots of greater than 6000 sq.ft......having a rental unit in a small separate building allows a lot more privacy than a standard secondary suite.....
Why doesn't Tofino Council at least explore this option before reaching in to the taxpayers wallet for a Social Subsidized Housing plan ? Why didn't Glen Clark think twice about building Fast Ferries ?
Most properties at Chesterman's Beach already have cabins that council turns a blind eye to......I used to have a house on Neill st. that had a huge unused back yard that would have been perfect for this type of housing....most of the lots in town are 7200 sq.ft.
Council could actually embrace this plan and work to develop a prefab unit that meets with neighborhood rooflines and siding that match existing house....
This is just an idea but the largest cities in BC are actively pursuing it...comments please ?

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