Thursday, June 10, 2010

Recall legislation and Consultants June 10,2010

In response to your many questions : there is no way to recall the Mayor.....although this scandal continues to grow there is no way he can be forced from office. You can ask your councillors to put forth a motion asking for his resignation but he is not compelled to step down.
Tofino continues to be a consultant's one seems to know who is allowed to hire consultants and if Council is needed to approve such hirings !!
Does anyone know who approved the Reorganization Report ? Who approved the hiring of Jerry Berry as a consultant ?
Who approved the hiring of Gerard Leblanc to consult with the ill-fated DCC committee ?? Maybe all consultants are hired in-camera ? if anyone wknows please write in....everything seems to be done in secret meetings or with a gag order associated with it !!! It's your tax money ! ask your councillors what is going on !!!

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