Sunday, June 6, 2010

Olympic Party Costs !! June 6,2010

After waiting many weeks I finally received the statement for the Olympic O-zone Party costs !!! For some reason the Freedom of Information request was handled by Bob Long,the CAO !!! Normally requests for financial information would be handled by the District Treasurer......My request was made long before the Treasurer resigned !! Why didn't the Treasurer handle the request ? When contacted the Treasurer declined comment as there is a gag order associated with her resignation.....Why ?? there was no gag order when the Building Inspector resigned !! What's going on here ?
I've filed a Freedom of Information request to get all correspondence between the CAO and District of Tofino staff regarding the O-Zone costs FOI request......let's hope I get it sooner than the last request !!
According to the FOI request it only cost the District of Tofino taxpayers $2,616.62 !!! Please ask your Councillors to look into this matter.........

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