Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Tofino Crackdown On Illegal Accomodation Operation !!!


Anonymous said...

Still a lot of cars parked there.
Some crackdown!
I wonder if the district will refuse to issue a license permanently to the current operator?
Obviously figures any current revenue will exceed the cost of any fines.
25 people at $50 is possibly $1200 a night!
Shut off the water?

Next the Shore and South Chesterman?

Anonymous said...

This has been a common problem for many years. Tofino councils have avoided enforcing bylaws. "We all have to get along" I was told when I enquired about bylaw enforcement.... until a crisis is reached, then it has become a much bigger problem, Like Vacation Rentals.

I guess bylaw enforcement is not what some councillors had in mind when they decided to run for office. Not the coolest part of the job, but it is the job they signed on for. These are the laws of the community and your job is to enforce them. Avoidance, prevarication, and delay only make matters worse. If you won't enforce a bylaw because you don't agree with it, you have the power to change the job.

Anonymous said...

8:28 read the article first before you post dumb comments.

and your math skills are at par with the district financial dept.

Anonymous said...

This fire-trap should have been closed down years ago. There used to be three of these "hostels"..... now we're down to only one left. Good riddance. Shut down the one across from Shore too.