Thursday, February 5, 2015

Tofino Dog Problems


Ranger Smith said...

As if bylaw could ever enforce the dog laws !
Parks Canada doesn't have the same problem as they are serious about dog issues.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

The bylaw has never really been enforced much. Dogs run loose everywhere and are often unsupervised, especially on the beach. One of my favourite pleasures - walking barefoot on the beach - is getting dangerous. Nothing worse than stepping into dog poo - with or without shoes. Unfortunately not all dog owners are responsible. They should get tickets if their dog is found unsupervised. Alas, it will never happen as dogs definitely are considered more important than people around here.

Anonymous said...

They are mostly concerned with higher learning & leadership nonsense
Tofitians are great at ranting against Harper but have No clue what's going on in their own town
Tofino is asleep but will wake up when its too late
Sad but true

Anonymous said...

Tofino residents have been paying outrageous water bills for NO reason.
Several resorts have been paying ONLY 10% of their water/sewage usage because the district read their meter wrong ! (Crystal Cove, Pacific Sands)
Also faulty water meters at other resorts gave them huge discounts and were paying only a fraction of their actual water usage (Long Beach Lodge, Wickaninnish Inn, Middle Beach lodge)
We're talking about an estimated $200.000,00 - $500.000,00 that Tofino residents have been on the hook for in just the last few years!!!

Council Blanchete says the resorts have been getting a FREE RIDE and its time to PONY UP

Tofino residents should be reimbursed for all the years of compensating the water bills of these resorts.