Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Lamp Pole Revitalization

Many avid blog readers asked me to post pics of the lamp poles in the Lone Cone and Pfeiffer areas in Tofino. One reader wondered how council could spend millions on Downtown Revitalization but these lamp posts are left to rust.Let's hope that the Superintendent of Public Works gets a maintenance schedule in place soon.Whether it is the firehall or road signs or these lamp posts they are all assets belonging to the District of Tofino and should be maintained.It is strange that council ignores these issues in an election year.


Anonymous said...

Rust in pieces !

Anonymous said...

Obviously someone in the past allowed them to be installed without a finishing coat of protective paint. Hopefully our district staff would not allow that to happen these days. Time for painting for sure. Same deal for the railings beside the sidewalk near the Children's centre. It was only ever primer coated.

Anonymous said...

and I hope the benches and posts installed last spring as part of the downtown revit were treated/stained properly for the west coast climate.