Wednesday, March 20, 2013

CBC Dog Documentary

  This documentary will be on CBC tomorrow


Anonymous said...

Sure wish people would clean up after their dogs around this town. I like dogs but I sure don't want to step in it.
Those who let their dogs run free on the beaches ought to realize a good portion of the visitors to the area want to see the shore birds and not dogs chasing them. It is your livelihood and those of your neighbours you are impacting when you let your dogs run and it causes visitors to not want to come back.
Beach joggers and walkers should give them space too.

Anonymous said...

The problem are the dog owners not the dogs! Dogs need to be trained but a lot of dog owners do not want to put the effort in. If you can't control your dog keep him on a leash and most of all pick up the dog poop!!!!!
People have a right to enjoy the beach in peace without:
* being charge and jumped on by strange dogs
* having to listen to excessive barking
* stepping into poop!
Please do not let your dog chase shorebirds! Be a responsible dog owner and we will all get along :)

Anonymous said...